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Sayed Mustafa Saiedy

Sayed Mustafa Saiedy, Secretary of the World Anti-Extremism Network, is a distinguished figure with diverse expertise and a commitment to peacebuilding. He holds a Master's in Farsi literature from Kabul University and a Master's in public administration from ISBM University, India. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Farsi literature, Saiedy is also an accomplished author. With over two decades of experience, Saiedy has held key roles in governance and academia, including Chairman of AELSO and Vice-Chancellor at Rana University. His extensive educational background includes diplomas in community service and certificates in governance, leadership, and diplomacy. Saiedy's advocacy for peace and human rights extends to journalism and lecturing. Concerned about extremism, he relocated from Afghanistan post-Taliban rise. His contributions have earned him prestigious awards, and he has represented Afghanistan on official visits worldwide.

Sajia Behgam

Ms. Sajia Behgam is a doctoral candidate at Goethe University in Frankfurt. She holds a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Erfurt in Germany, and a Bachelor of Law and Political Science (Women’s Leadership) from Kabul University. Currently, she serves as a board member of Medica Afghanistan. Additionally, Ms. Behgam works as a project coordinator with Zan. e.V in Mainz, providing support to Afghan women refugees through advice and workshops. She is also a participant in the Step A program at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, which offers educational opportunities for human rights defenders from Afghanistan. Previously, Ms. Behgam worked as an Associate Professor of Public Policy at Kabul University. Concurrently, she served as an Advisor on Women and Youth Affairs at the Chief Executive Officer’s office of the Government of Afghanistan. With 20 years of experience, she has collaborated with national and international organizations in Afghanistan.

Musa Aziz

Musa Aziz is a cultural and political expert specializing in public policy, conflict studies, cultural relations, migration, and psychosocial studies, with a deep focus on Afghanistan, South Asia, and the Middle East. He has an extensive background working with refugees, newcomers, internally displaced people, and minorities. Recognized for his work in peace journalism and conflict transformation, Musa applies his knowledge of cultural sensitivities and societal structures to promote understanding and peace in conflict-affected areas. Musa has studied Public Policy, Conflict Studies, and Cultural Relations and Migration. Additionally, he holds an MD in Medicine. This diverse educational background equips him with a comprehensive understanding and skill set to navigate and address the complexities of his field, contributing significantly to his areas of focus

Amina Momen

Amina Momeni completed her primary education in Iran and higher education at Kabul University, obtaining a Master's degree in Visual Arts and Theater and Cinema Directing. Momeni has served as a lecturer in directing at the Theater Department of Kabul University and is currently residing in Austria. Among her cultural and social activities in Austria, she teaches Farsi language in schools, edits Farsi texts, actively participates in cultural programs for Afghan women, and is a member of the Women’s Federation for World Peace.

Wasil Faizi

A sociology student with a keen interest in socio-political issues, I am a writer and commentator primarily focused on Afghanistan and the surrounding region. Currently residing in Vienna, I am actively involved in political activities and social engagement within the Afghan diaspora community.

Emal Haidary

Emal Haidary is an Afghan professional, experienced in the fields of journalism, writing, editing, documentary film-making, media advocacy, and law. Born in Kabul, he is a graduate of the law faculty of Kabul University and holds a master's degree in Intellectual Property and Information Technology laws from Fordham University in New York. Over the span of two decades, Haidary has made substantial contributions to various national and international media organizations. His diverse experiences include stints at prestigious institutions such as Agence France Presse (AFP) in Afghanistan, the Los Angeles Times in the United States and Deutsche Welle in Germany. Currently, Emal Haidary serves as the chief researcher and director of the Afghanistan Development and Peace Research Organization and legal advisor for several international organizations. As a researcher, Haidary's impact extends to areas such as Disaster Risk Reduction and the history of photography in Afghanistan. He is fluent in Dari, Pashto and English and speaks intermediate levels of Hindi, French and German.

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