Social background of FAROE

FAROE works in close cooperation with more than 200.000 Afghans in Europe, European civil-society organizations such as Amnesty International, the EU parliament, some Universities and other entities working for refugees. FAROE tries to place Afghanistan in the political agenda of the European governments in order to attract more attention for the issues such as reconstruction and democratization of Afghanistan. In the same area's takes FAROE contact with the current Afghan government as well. For this purpose organizes FAROE annual conferences over the most challenging issues for Afghanistan.

Invitation to: FAROE Annual Conference 2017

Causes of Extremism and Fundamentalism Expansion in Afghanistan Netherlands - November 4, 2017

You are cordially invited to join us for the 18th international conference on Factors leading to the increasing growth of radicalization and fundamentalism in Afghanistan. The Federation of Afghan Refugee Organizations in Europe (FARO) has been organizing international conferences annually in the European countries since 1999.

This year, FARO is hosting in the conference in Holland on November 4th ,2017.The conference takes place in a situation where Afghanistan and the region is faced with a volatile situation of extremism and fundamentalism. Currently a large number of extremist groups have been trenched in Afghanistan, and each has turned Afghanistan into a battlefield for the benefit of their supporters.

This conference will present research papers on extremism and fundamentalism. Your participation and providing input to the study of extremism and fundamentalism will bring the conference to productive results.